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Trying to find Medical cannabis oil in Tascott, New South Wales?

If you’re looking for a proven product that can be useful for managing the symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Kidney & Bladder Issues, Osteoporosis and many other ailments, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find our best selling Medical cannabis oil by clicking here.

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Shipping Medical cannabis oil to Australia and New Zealand

We understand the regulatory situation in Australia and New Zealand and have many users in these countries. None have reported any problems receiving their product.  All orders of Canntica are fully traced and we guarantee delivery. If you don’t receive your order, you can choose to be sent a replacement or get a full refund.

All orders to Tascott, New South Wales are sent by Express Post from within Australia.

Why Choose Canntica

We know that selecting the best company for Medical cannabis oil is a top priority and means getting the best value for the money. At Canntica, our promise is in sharing to the planet the vast health advantages of Medical cannabis oil through our high quality products. We promise you that the quality of our products is of the highest standards and purity available on the market today. In fact, these are the identical products we use for ourselves and our loved ones. It is our search to make sure that the high standards of the Canntica brand is recognized globally as the number one trusted source in the industry.

Here’s a brief presentation:

Tascott is a suburb of the Central Coast region of New South Wales, Australia between Gosford and Woy Woy on Brisbane Water’s western shore. It is part of the Central Coast Council local government area.

It was founded by Thomas Alison Scott and his wife Mary Anne Scott. Scott is widely regarded as the first person in Australia to grow sugar cane. The name of the suburb is derived from Scott’s name, T.A.Scott.

The suburb contains Tascott railway station, which is on the Main North railway line. The station opened in 1905 and was built largely to service a guesthouse known as ‘Waterview’ that had been established by Mary Scott.

The station once had a particularly dangerous level crossing, between the platform and the curved cutting just to the north. Robert Scott, T.A.Scott’s son and heir, was killed there by a train in 1920 and he was not the only fatality crossing the railway. For many years, this level crossing was the only means of road access to the area west of the railway station. The short platform at Tascott was also a cause of mishaps.

A private road from Koolewong to Tascott was constructed in the late 1920s but a wooden bridge across the gully later collapsed and was not repaired. Access to both suburbs was greatly improved by the building of the ‘waterfront road’, now Brisbane Water Drive, in the late 1930s.

For many years,the suburb was in four distinct parts; the area to the north of the station and west of the line, the area of waterfront adjacent to Point Clare, the area west of the station, and the area around Thomas Street. The dangerous level crossing at the station ceased to be used by cars some time in the 1960s. The level crossing near Thomas Street closed in 1963. Both crossings never had warning signals, just farm-style gates. For many years afterwards, pedestrians continued to cross the line at both these locations — including to access the Up platform at the station or catch the bus on Brisbane Water Drive — before the pedestrian overbridge was built at the station and the level crossing at the station was officially closed in 1984. The extension of Glenrock Parade, from the north of the station through to Koolewong, finally provided safe road access to the entire area of Tascott. Prior to this, the section of the road that intersected Thomas Street was known as Tascott Parade.

Before the Second World War, Tascott was a minor holiday destination and, until the 1960s, the suburb was semi-rural. The flat — formerly swampy — area to the west of the railway station was a dairy farm, known as Tascott Dairy, which survived into the early 1960s. During this period, Tascott had no sewerage or reticulated water supply. Subdivisions, land sales, and the building of many new houses, led to a rapid growth in the population, during the 1960s and 1970s.

The population of the suburb recorded at the 2016 census was 1,602; a decrease from the 1,706 recorded in 2011.

Coordinates: 33°27′14″S 151°18′50″E / 33.454°S 151.314°E / -33.454; 151.314

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