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Trying to find Cannabis oil in West Woombye, Queensland?

If you’re searching for a proven product that can be beneficial for managing the symptoms of Depression, Fibromyalgia (FM), Epilepsy & Seizures and many other conditions, you’ve come to the right store. You’ll find our best selling Cannabis oil by clicking here.

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Shipping Cannabis oil to Australia and New Zealand

We understand the challenging situation in Australia and New Zealand and have many customers in these countries. None have reported any problems receiving their product.  All orders of Canntica are fully tracked and we guarantee delivery. If you don’t get your order, you can choose to be sent a replacement or get your money back.

All orders to West Woombye, Queensland are shipped by Express Post from inside Australia.

Why Select Canntica

We know that choosing the best company for Cannabis oil is a top priority and equates to getting the best value for your investment. At Canntica, our promise is in sharing to the planet the remarkable health benefits of Cannabis oil through our best quality products. We assure you that the quality of our products is of the highest standards and purity available on the market today. In fact, these are the very same products we use for ourselves and our loved ones. It is our quest to make sure that the optimum standards of the Canntica brand is recognized globally as the number one trusted source in the industry.

Here’s a short video:

West Woombye is a rural residential locality in the Sunshine Coast Region, Queensland, Australia. In the 2016 census, West Woombye had a population of 1,007 people.

West Woombye is in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. The surrounding suburbs include Towen Mountain, Hunchy, Dulong, Palmwoods and Coes Creek. There is farming within the area with crops such as lychees, macadamias, mangoes and avocados grown.

The main road running through West Woombye is Blackall Range Road. This road turns into Dulong Road once in the suburb of Dulong. As the area incorporates the Blackall Range leading up to Montville, the area is noted for its scenery. However, there are a number of notable creeks within area prone to flooding in heavy rain. This mostly affects the roads off Blackall Range Road, such as Ruwoldt Road, Carruthers Road, and the Jackson Road area.

There is no notable public transport in the area except the school bus runs and taxi. Depending where you are in West Woombye it takes about 5 to 7 minutes by vehicle into the Woombye township, 10 minutes to Nambour township and 5 to 7 minutes to Mapleton.

For more information about various ailments and Cannabis oil, click here.

We Produce the World's Finest, USA grown and formulated, Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil NATURALLY RICH IN *CBD.

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