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About Canntica

Advancing medical revolution with high-grade and affordable CBD products

Who We Are


Canntica is the brainchild of a group of skilled, highly-motivated and health-minded individuals who believe that hemp and hemp-related products offer great potential in improving people’s health, vitality, and overall well-being. The group sees high grade CBD (Cannabidol) extracted from hemp may very well be the miracle supplement from which people can harness the remarkable health benefits of Cannabis—unlocking entirely new possibilities in medical advancement.

With Canntica, You can be sure that you only get CBD products made from the finest USA hemp grown using organic methods

At Canntica, quality is paramount for us. Every Canntica product is made exclusively from first-cut, purpose-grown hemp plants and never from inferior imported industrial hemp. All of our products are formulated using extraction that purifies the cannabis concentrate, leaving a a cleaner, purer, tastier, safer and overall truly higher-quality product.

Our Mission

At Canntica, our commitment is in sharing to the world the vast medical benefits of CBD through our high quality CBD products. We assure you that the quality of our products is of the highest standards and purity available on the market today. In fact, these are the very same products we use for ourselves and our families. It is our quest to make sure that the high standards of the Canntica brand is recognized globally as the number one trusted source in the industry.

We value the quality of our products because we value our customers. We want to ensure that each of our customers are satisfied with our products. Therefore, your concerns and feedback are very important to us. 

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    We Produce the World's Finest, USA grown and formulated, Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil NATURALLY RICH IN *CBD.

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