Canntica CBD Oil 5000mg BEST Value FULL SPECTRUM

AUD $297.00

83mg per ml, approx 4mg per drop WAS AUD$397, NOW AUD$297, SAVE AUD$100! FREE Express Shipping to Australia and NZ (approx 2 – 4 day service).


Product Description

  • 60ml of pure Canntica CBD Oil
  • Concentration is approx 4mg per drop of CBD
  • See instructions here 
  • Was AUD$397, NOW AUD$297, SAVE AUD$100
  • Only 5.9c per mg 
  • Natural, distinct hempy flavor 
  • Ingredients: full spectrum, less than 0.17% THC cannabidiol oil, hemp seed oil carrier
  • Buy 2, save 5% 
  • Buy 3, save 10%
  • Buy 4 or more, save 15%! 
  • Non-GMO
  • Organic farming methods
  • Quality Tested 
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Additional Information


Natural flavor, Peppermint flavor

1 review for Canntica CBD Oil 5000mg BEST Value FULL SPECTRUM

  1. 5 out of 5


    I was first diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 1997. The pain was intense and the subsequent disfigurement of my fingers, toes and hips followed. Only people who have the misfortune of succumbing to this disease can relate to the pain. My GP at the time prescribed 25ml tablet of methotrexate once a week. This made me very sick the day after I took it. I can remember getting out of bed and crawling to the shower, just to get the hot water on me to relieve the pain.

    I was also in full time employment at the time in quite a stressful job.

    The pain and disfigurement got worse. Getting a ‘swan finger’ curled fingers and hammer toes.

    I was eventually sent to a specialist who prescribed humira injections into the stomach. That didn’t work, so Embrel injections were prescribed. Again, in the stomach. Didn’t work. The specialist suggested I take time off work to consider retirement. I wasn’t ready to retire, but I made the hard decision to retire medically unfit for work.

    The rheumatoid factor in my blood continued to increase. I was sent to another specialist and he was shocked to think I was allowed to go through this much suffering without further intervention.

    So he reduced the methotrexate dosage to 10mls and into hospital every six months for rituximab infusions.
    This made me feel pretty sick, but the rheumatoid factor started going down.
    I had these infusions for about 8 years.

    After 22 years on methotrexate including 8 years on rituximab infusions my body was saying to me enough was enough.

    So I made the decision to stop all medication for rheumatoid arthritis, believing the disease would eventually kill me.

    Within 6 months of stopping rheumatoid medication I got a very bad infection in my lungs and was told there was no cure!

    After spending many times in hospital on oxygen and massive doses of antibiotics, I thought my life was over. An ER doctor once said to me that all the treatment I had taken for Rheumatoid had affected and scarred my lungs.
    Then one day my brother and his wife gave me a gift that I believe has given me my life back. CBD OIL.

    I have been taking this amazing oil for 4.5 years now and I haven’t felt this well in years. I’m able to walk, climb stairs and enjoy life. My Lung specialist doesn’t want to see me anymore and my Rheumatologist only sees me as maintenance check up. All are amazed!!! Even though I haven’t told any medical professionals that I’m taking it. (Would they believe me?)

    I can only credit this amazing change in my body to taking Canntica CBD OIL daily.

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