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Searching for Hemp oil in Brooklyn Park, South Australia?

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Shipping Hemp oil to Australia and New Zealand

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All orders to Brooklyn Park, South Australia are shipped by Express Post from inside Australia.

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Here’s a brief presentation:

Brooklyn Park is a western suburb of Adelaide, the capital of the state of South Australia in the nation of Australia. It is located on Kaurna land, immediately north-east of Adelaide Airport and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) base in Sir Donald Bradman Drive. It is bounded on the north by Henley Beach Road, on the east by Marion Road and the west by the Kooyonga Golf Club on May Terrace.

Brooklyn Park remains approximately 5.8 kilometres from the Adelaide coast and 5.5 kilometres from the Adelaide Central Business District. Lockleys Post Office opened on 1 September 1904 and was renamed Brooklyn Park in 1967.Brooklyn Park now includes a subdivision that was originally named Bismarck; it was changed by the nomenclature committee to Weeroopa in 1918.

From 1925, Brooklyn Park held the 6 acres (2.4 ha) site of the transmitting station for radio 5CL, which became an ABC station in 1929. It was then joined by facilities for the second ABC station, 5AN, 10 years later. In 1961, with the commissioning of the new Pimpala transmitters, the facility was closed down, then demolished, and is now medium-density housing. Reasons for the shift include proximity to Adelaide Airport, encroaching suburbia, and the perceived need to upgrade to more powerful transmitters and a taller, more efficient antenna.

As an area with horse racing heritage, Brooklyn Park was home to the stables of Jack McGowan (whose father-in-law rode the winner of the 1870 Melbourne Cup on Nimblefoot). Jack was South Australia’s leading cross-country jockey in the late 1800s, early 1900s winning the Grand National Hurdle at Victoria Park as well as the Harry D. Young Hurdle at the Oakbank Racecourse. Jack also won the Adelaide Grand National on “All Fours” and “Jack Spratt” as well as running close seconds in the Great Eastern Steeple Chase on “Edirol” and the Oakbank hurdle on “Culluleraine”. Jack’s Brother, Paddy McGowan, was the winner of the 1890 Caulfield Cup on Vengeance. One of Jack’s daughters, Mary McGowan, was a pioneer female jockey in the 1920s winning 16 trophies in 16 races. She married Malcolm Allan who was one of South Australia’s leading horsemen, winning the Gawler Cup, The Candy Cup and the famous Goshen Cup at Wayville from the Goshen Club in New York. Malcolm also lived and kept horses in Brooklyn Park and was a pioneer in the sport of Trotting/Harness Racing in South Australia riding and riding horses such as “Red Satin” Red Love” “Western Queen” and “Claridge” at Jubilee Oval, Thebarton Oval, Wayville and Globe Derby Malcolm later trained and rode horses that were owned by South Australian Parliamentarian, the Hon. Leslie “Larry” Heath.

Brooklyn Park is the site of the Adelaide College of Divinity (associated with Flinders University). The College moved to the site of the former Salesian College in late 1997. The Salesian College opened as a Catholic boys school in 1954, became open to girls as well in 1978, and closed in 1996. Part of the site is now the campus of Emmaus Christian College. The Lockleys Primary School and the St John Bosco Primary School are also in Brooklyn Park.

Brooklyn Park has a Kindergarten and a separate Child Care Centre.

There are four (4) Churches in Brooklyn Park;

Brooklyn Park also has a joint Metropolitan Fire Service and South Australian Ambulance Service Station.

The 2016 Australian Census identified that the median age of Brooklyn Park residents was 36 years of age (South Australia’s median age was 40 and Australia’s was 38). The Census also identified that 25% of Brooklyn Park residents held a Bachelor Degree or higher (while in broader South Australia, 18.5% held a Bachelor Degree or higher and across Australia that was 22%).

The West Torrens Branch of Meals on Wheels is located in Brooklyn Park.

“Trees for life Australia” are located in Brooklyn Park. The organisation was established in 1981 and now has over 7,000 active supporters. Trees For Life delivers conservation, revegetation, community engagement, and training programs and services to assist the environment.

World renown classical guitarist Slava Grigoryan has been one of the notable residents of Brooklyn Park in recent years.

The German Club of South Australia now resides in Brooklyn Park and is undergoing development of its premises

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